Why is Ignite So Different?

With the number of website developers, Internet marketing pros, branding experts, graphic designers and SEO professionals available, why is Ignite your best choice? Our main focus is on getting you more clients or customers for your business or practice.

One of the reasons Ignite has such an impeccable reputation is because I set extremely high standards and go the extra mile to deliver. I personally manage and develop each website, logo, graphic design, marketing strategy, or oversee the project hands-on. I learn about you and your goals. I get to know your business as intimately as possible. That way, I can customize my services to precisely fit your needs. This non-cookie-cutter, individualized approach gives you the best chances of success.

As an accomplished and much applauded website developer, designer, and Internet marketing expert with a strong background in business development, SEO, graphic design and web strategies, and my contract work with two major search engine companies, I know firsthand how to implement and take advantage of the power of the Internet. I treat every client as a partner with one common goal: YOUR SUCCESS.

All websites are designed from scratch. "Custom designed" websites that are developed based on an in-depth understanding of your business are far more effective than cut-and-paste or point-here-click-there websites, and our results validate that fact. The right look, feel and messaging based on an understanding of your business, your audience and your competition are extremely important. Because of that, I take the time to get to know you, your personality, the personality of your business or practice, and get a good "feel" for how you and your service should be presented online, in print, in your branding and marketing.

  • Unique approach.

    From stunning, effective websites to beautiful, creative designs and marketing/SEO.

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  • Great results.

    Ignite's products and services are focused on helping your business grow by attracting new customers and clients.

The Approach

With our key goal of attracting more clients for your practice (such as for therapists, counselors, mental health professionals, medical doctors, chiropractors, etc.) or your business (such as online retailers, e-commerce, subscribers, etc.). Ignite's approach is to learn about you and get to know your product well. This approach is far more effective than the cut-and-paste or point-here-click-there do-it-yourself websites that are often advertised. Our approach far outweighs the large-company websites that are developed by adding your content to an existing one-size-fits-all template. A new suit from Wal-Mart (or even one you make yourself) fits quite a bit differently than one that is tailor-made. That is the same when it comes to your website, branding and Internet marketing. And the results show.

Getting to Know You

I get to know you and your business. What makes you and your business stand out? How do you differ from your competitors? There are numerous industries in which I have a particular knowledge such as Psychotherapy, Counseling, Psychiatry and the mental health fields, Chiropractic, Online Periodicals, Social Organizations, and Online Retail or E-Commerce. These underlying principles are often applied to other industries. Getting to know your particular business within any industry and what makes you and your services unique are vital to your success. When possible (for local clients in the Greater Denver area), I meet with you personally for a one-on-one consultation to really get a feeling for your business so it can be represented succinctly and accurately so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Getting to Know Me

Far less interesting than my websites, graphic design and Internet marketing and SEO services is me, Christopher Malone, President and founder of Ignite Websites Marketing and Graphic Design. But, if you must know... I began my web development business as a way to bring small business owners services and results that were previously only affordable to large companies and those with pockets full of money. In doing so, I have developed highly effective strategies for several niche markets and continue to offer them at rates that are a fraction of their value. My background / education is in linguistics (speaker of eight languages), Internet technology / web development, graphic design, marketing & SEO. As a very quick study, I love to learn about businesses, understand their owners' goals, and play an integral role in support of their success. I use my background, experience and unique knowledge to help fulfill our common goal.

Let's get

Specialized Industries

While Ignite can provide its full services to just about any industry, there are several in which we specialize.

As an expert in these industries, plans have been developed to help you achieve your goals online by tapping into a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of your potential clients or customers and how to be most effective online: