Ignite Custom Logos, Branding & Print

Branding Identity Service Includes High-Impact, Unique, Original Logos & Print

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"Branding is storytelling and storytelling is creative work." - Steve Jobs

At Ignite, we have the intuitiveness, design expertise, experience and unique creative ability to help you tell your story. If you are serious about building your business or practice, getting your name or service out there and doing it in a way that will breed success, then even before considering a website, you should first establish your branding. Then, the right website can be designed around that branding and further your message with a consistent look and feel.

Ignite's Brand Identity Service Includes

  • Custom-Designed, Unique, Original Logos
  • Original, Creative Artwork and Graphic Design
  • Designed to Succinctly Represent You and/or Your Brand
  • Designed to Stand Out Above Your Competition
  • Unlimited Edits Until Perfected
  • Full Range of Fully Designed Print Including Custom Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Postcards, Mailers, Banners and More
  • Brand Consistency Incorporated into All Print and Your Website
  • FREE Custom Designed Business Cards with Logo!
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Costs Are a Fraction of Their Value
  • Every Logo and Print Item is Either Developed by or Overseen by Ignite's Owner, Christopher Malone
  • Logos Delivered in All Major Formats Including High-Resolution Vectors

When developing a new logo, I take the time to thoroughly understand what it should represent and develop a message or meaning behind the design. Whether it incorporates symbolism or it is a logo that is designed for name recognition, the colors, design and representation are developed to achieve brand identity.

Then, all print materials such as brochures, postcards and business cards are developed with brand consistency - a theme that follows through to the website. I look forward to creating and designing a work of art that you will love!